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Phek is the home district of the Chakhesang and the Pochuries. The Chakhesang consists of three sub-tribes, the CHAkhru, the KHeza and the SANgtam. The people here are known for their wrestling prowess and robust health. They live off agriculture and are known for their adeptness in terrace cultivation – the carved fields for such cultivation are a sight to behold.


Pfutsero and Glory Peak

This little township at an altitude of 2233.60m is like a gateway to Southeast Asia with reasonably good surface transport available from Kohima via a 70 km border road. The place is known for its vegetable and fruit products.

Glory Peak, at 2600m is only 3 km away from Pfutsero. It offers views of Mt. Everest in the West and Mt. Saramati in the East. An Eco lodge has been constructed by the government at the base of the peak and potentials lie for identifying trekking routes from here to Kapamadzu peak, which is the highest table top mountain in Nagaland. The more adventurous can take on the challenge of discovering these trekking routes themselves.


If anyone has been to the famed Dzukou valley, Kapamudzu is fittingly termed as second Dzukou by the locals. Adventurers can trek from the Glory Peak to the Kapamadzu peak which is the highest table top mountain in the entire Nagaland.Further, being a virgin forest, preserved by the communities with total prohibition of logging and hunting, one can explore trekking routes randomly in order to make it more exciting and challenging-Trekkers delight.

Khezhakeno Village

Khezhakeno is a village in the Phek District of Nagaland, India. It is a historical village of the Nagas. It is located in the region 25.30’N and 94.12’E at an elevation of 1660 meters (5,450 ft) above sea level and shares its border with the Manipur state in the south. The village is 48 km from the state capital Kohima via NEC Viswema-Kidima-Zuketsa road and is 23 km away from its sub-divisional headquarter Pfutsero.

Tso-Tawo (Spirit Stone)

A magnificent spirited flat stone upon which if a basket of paddy is parched in the sun; it generates double-fold in the evening. This is also the significant first settlement site of ‘KOZA’, the foremost Naga ancestral forefather and from where various Naga tribes migrated later on. Although, the charm of the stone is said to have gone as it was burned and destroyed, the remnants of this legendary Khezhakeno stone is still preserved in its original location even today.

Another legend of this Village consists of a pond called the Zhi-Nhaka (Nose of the ancient lake). A perennial source of spring water pond which remains constant in summer as well as in winter. It is said that the whole village was once covered by a large water body which originated from Zhi-Nhaka, from where the significant meaning of the term ‘Zhiphemi’ (Guardian of the Lake) is derived. It attracts a lot of students from all over the country and awes the people with its unique existence.

Chida Lake (Lowho)

The serenely calm natural lake placing face-to-face with the sky (Chida) is another important destination which travellers must attend to in their visit to this village. It is located on top of the high hills drawing its water source from the springs of Kapamedzü Range. The lake is beautifully and naturally situated in the middle of a scenic and gently curved valley also popularly known for its lush green landscapes and is an ideal picnic spot.

Phüsachodü Village

Located 8 Kms from Pfutsero and about 80 kms from the state Capital, Phüsachodü is the biggest village under Phek District. Phüsachodü is believed to be the pathway for the warriors and therefore only the brave had settled over this ridge, for sporting of Headhunting.

The simplicity and hospitality of the natives, rightly fulfils the requirement as host of a tourists. Village elders are not less enthusiast than the Tourists to guide and accompany them to various places of interest, giving answers to the queries. The Cultural troupe equally pleased to enlighten and cheer the visitors through cultural items and folk tunes, to break the loneliness of being in a strange land. These rich culture and traditions gets revived through each seasonal festival.

The famous Rhododendron Trail is a famous/ popular trekking route for the adventurers.

Chesezu Village

Located 57 kms away from Kohima via Chakabama road, Chesezu is a historic village where it is believed that Netaji(Subhash Chandra Bose) had temporarily stationed and camped at the quite hills of the Chakhesang Tribe , Chesezu Village. It is here that imprints of a patriot can be witnessed.

Places of Interest are:- Netaji Peak(Suthoka),Footpath leading to Netaji’s Camp.

Tours & Experiences in Phek

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