Local People, Responsible Travel
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Local People, Responsible Travel
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Local, People-centered, Responsible Travel

We welcome you to wander Nagaland

We value the unique and local qualities of each of our Naga tribes, down to the particular features of our villages, khels, and clans. It is precisely these local features that define our freedom and wholeness as distinctive peoples. They make us worthy of beneficial interaction among ourselves, as well as with people from other parts of the world.

There are historical and cultural reasons why we feel akin to each other as Nagas, despite our diversity. Nagas live in a territory spread over northeastern India and Myanmar. Parts of our homelands were colonized by the British in the nineteenth century. We came under the political rule of India and Myanmar after World War II, but we never gave up our lands or freedom. Our lands are still unceded territory.

Take in the fresh mountain air

Turn a new leaf...

Nagas may be the world’s most linguistically diverse people living in a region the size of our homelands. But overarching our linguistic and cultural diversity is the democratic and sovereign structure of the traditional Naga village. The majority of our people still live in villages, though many have migrated to towns and cities, including overseas. But wherever we may be, Nagas still identify ourselves with our ancestral villages and strive to live by our twin cultural values of social responsibility and respect for one another as human beings.

We hope you embrace these values as you travel through our lands, as we welcome all those we interact with. We could call it an equitable exchange of values. We believe this experience can be an antidote to a world drunk on globalization. This is our gift to the global village.

Wander Nagaland also offers homestay options

How do we make this possible?

Well, we keep things local for you. Wander Nagaland multiple-day tours move from one village to another, from one tribal area to another. Your Lead Guide will be with you for the entirety of your journey through Nagaland, but in each new village, a Local Guide will be there to welcome you into their village. This is in the traditional spirit of the sovereign Naga village state. The warmth and sincerity of the Naga people creates a safe space that allows you to explore a self-contained world, which might help awaken aspects of yourself you didn’t know existed.

For the Naga village, this practice keeps local guides employed close to their family, close to their home. Enabling locals to stay close to family, home and their indigenous lands helps keep our way of life alive.

For our Local Homestay travellers you will experience the renowned warmth and hospitality of the Naga people, and each homely welcome will feel like the embrace of an old friend.

Come Wander Nagaland

Each village, each home, is a new Land that awaits you. We welcome you to Wander Nagaland, time and time again, from village to village, and home to home

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